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VISUAL Box is a transmission module that allows data sending obtained from sensors to the VISUAL SENSOR APP (the cloud).

Thanks to the latest technology in IoT (Internet of Things) VISUAL Box sends all the information directly to the internet without the need for any kind of intermediary divide. This makes it possible to deploy a sensors network independently from a concentrator, being able to control as many operations as necessary.

It is a totally independent system and does not need an electrical connection, programmer or maintenance.

VISUAL Box doesn’t have any buttons it stars working when detects a connected sensor and goes off when disconnected.

The protocol consists of taking a measurement of each sensor and send a shipment on an hourly basis (or every 20 minutes). So your battery can last up to 3 years using just 4 AA batteries, which can be easily replaced.

Soil sensor

The soil sensor is an instrument for measuring the most important soil parameters. This industrial quality device is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the field, agricultural work, inclement weather and physical-chemical and biological wear. Its rods are made of stainless steel and the electronics are covered by a very resistant and inert polyurethane sheath.

Waters only when necessary. It monitores the water stress and/or volumetric water content in the soil.

The measured values are the most demanded by agricultural professionals: volumetric water content (humidity), electrical conductivity (salinity) and soil temperature. 

Through FDR technology, the sensor send a current injection to the ground and measures the dielectric permittivity of a volume of eartg around the sensor itself. This allows to obtain information in order of accuracy much higher than the rest of agricultural sensors.


The ambient sensor is a set of industrial quality climate sensors, which measures the most demanded environmental values by agriculture professionals: ambient temperatura (ºC), and relative humidity (%).

Through these data and other climatic values we can obtain and calculate the evapotransmiration of a crop, dew point, etc.

VISUAL ENVIRONMENT SENSORS are presented in a small housing with a solar shield that connects directly to the link.